I have a daughter, that I'm raising by myself, Arya, she's 2 and a half. I've been living in London since 2014 and my family is in Italy, where I come from. Being a single mum, with no family around to help, was (and still is) the hardest job I've ever had to do.

I didn't sleep for 2 years and a half (from late pregnancy until she was 2 and 2 months)… Sleepless nights, but still had to be active and look after her during the day. I also went to work whenever possible.
I don't regret breastfeeding her for that long. I know she needed that. She needed to feel me as much as she could, because I'm the only person she could rely on. >>>

2020 was supposed to be "my year". The year when I decided to start working more (but still giving priority and most of my time to Arya), get back to the music industry, invest in my acting career.

I wasn't allowed much time to plan and put my thoughts into action, since lockdown started at the beginning of March, and all my expectations collapsed.
I tried to go with the flow and enjoy my time with her every day. We did a lot of gardening together, I improved my cooking skills, we went to the park and meet other mums with kids, who became our lockdown friends. >>>

We were blessed to have beautiful sunny days, warming up our hearts and making us happy. The first lockdown wasn't easy, but we managed. Then summer came, and we spent an amazing month in Italy with my family. Autumn, new restrictions. 

Then another lockdown. That was really hard to handle. Arya wanted to go and play with her friends, but the children centres were closed. She's very active and full of energy, she couldn't stay all day at home. I felt so bad, seeing her getting bored and frustrated at home, so many times.Pain, tiredness, frustration, loneliness. I went through all.

But I would do it all over again, because she's the most precious thing in my life and the biggest blessing ever. 


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