Two years ago, I was living in Rome. Everything was going according to plan. I was acting in an Italian Netflix series and in a happy relationship. Then, one day, he left me...for someone else. 

Needing a fresh start, I packed up my life and moved to London. I was ready to meet new people and find new opportunities. Instead, I met a pandemic. As the months in lockdown dragged on, I became increasingly hopeless and miserable, especially about finding love once again. 

Thankfully, my roommate, likely at wits end from all my complaining and crying, encouraged me to try a dating app. I hated the idea. There was no way I would find the kind of commitment and mature relationship I longed for. But I caved and signed up to four different apps. It took a few weeks to find an enticing match, but finally I did. He was a Canadian journalist in town for the summer. We agreed to meet on a Sunday afternoon at Columbia Flower Market. I wanted to cancel so bad. I went, but showed up 30 minutes late, with no expectations. 

Five months later and we’re still together, planning a future. Turns out the rumors were true, you can find true love on dating apps."

Sonia, Italian actress. 

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